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Apr 21, 2022

Policing in America’s Communities for the 21st Century Featuring Dr. Cedric Alexander

Dr. Cedric Alexander is one of America's leading voices on modern policing. On this Coastal Conversation episode, he shares his insights, analysis, and the ideas of others regarding how police training needs to change, how officers can connect closer to all aspects of the community, and the future of...

Mar 21, 2022

The Atlanta Beltline Project is a sustainable redevelopment project that will ultimately connect 45 intown neighborhoods via a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, modern streetcar, and parks – all based on railroad corridors that formerly encircled Atlanta, Ga. When completed, it will provide first and last-mile...

Feb 22, 2022

What Young People Want, A Panel Discussion - Coastal Conversations

Recent headlines and conversations between leaders throughout our region often highlight the drain of young people from our area and the need to attract talented professionals into our region.

This Coastal Conversation installment addresses young professionals' concerns and discusses ways our community can...