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Working together with members of our community, we will host world-class experts on critical issues like diversity and inclusion, social justice, health, education, work force development, housing, the environment, infrastructure, tourism, entrepreneurship and small business.

“We want to start the conversation and enable citizens and organizations to work toward effective solutions.” — Michael Chambers, Executive Director

Coastal Conversations will also develop an interactive dashboard of community metrics that includes over twenty metrics including population trends, household income, infant mortality and more. The dashboard will launch in late February and will be updated quarterly. 

Additionally, Coastal Conversations will produce a two-county quality of life survey that will measure residents’ feelings about life in coastal Alabama, covering topics including healthcare, education, leadership, jobs and the environment. Coastal Conversations will release the report in Spring 2021.  


Powered By: Coastal Alabama Partnership

Coastal Alabama Partnership functions as both a force and a resource for our region. The scope of our effort exceeds a single community. We leverage the strength of every area of our two counties to focus on what is important for Coastal Alabama.

Coastal Alabama Partnership’s mission is to enable and unify business and political leadership in their pursuits of improving our quality of life by collaborating on improving infrastructure, education, and governmental services.