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Nov 10, 2021

On this Coastal Conversation, Tom Murphy, former mayor of Pittsburgh transformed his community when faced with certain adversity. Mayor Murphy offers experience, advice and pathways for any community looking to grow and prosper. In his three terms as mayor of Pittsburgh, from January 1994 through December 2005, Murphy initiated a public/private partnership strategy that leveraged more than $4.5 billion in economic development in the city. Murphy led efforts to secure and oversee $1 billion in funding for the development of two professional sports facilities, and a new convention center that is the largest certified green building in the United States.

Plus, he developed strategic partnerships to transform more than 1,000 acres of abandoned industrial properties into new commercial, residential, retail, and public uses, and he oversaw the development of more than 25 miles of new riverfront trails and parks.

Utilizing his extensive experience in urban revitalization—what drives investment, what ensures long-lasting commitment—Mayor Murphy will share his experience as well as highlight examples of cities that have transformed themselves by developing creative solutions to challenging problems.



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